S. Hulihan

I was appalled by the treatment of George Floyd and the horrific actions of Officer Derek Chauvin. It caused a worldwide movement, “Black Lives Matter.”

In retaliation for the death of Floyd by Chauvin, and the fact George Floyd repeatedly said, “I can’t breathe,” some Black Americans’ revolted by rioting, pillaging, and the destruction of property in the name of justice for the death of Floyd.

The “Black Lives Matter” movement began in Minneapolis, Minnesota with the viciousness of Floyd’s death. Chauvin’s (Minnesota Police Department) knee was pressed firmly on Floyd’s throat, Floyd strenuously fought to get air, but he was unable to breathe. A cruel and slow way to die!

The news spread quickly across the nation; similar to an out-of-control fire.

Photo by Issy Bailey on Unsplash

Police brutality against Black Americans came to a head with the killing of Floyd. What came next throughout the United States was unforeseen. Some Black extremists revolted destroying everything in their path.

The atrocious behavior of some policemen is a black eye on all policemen.

One might ask them-self, ”What would motivate Black Americans to destroy the public property of people that had nothing to do with George Floyd’s death?


Why do police take such cruel and brutal actions against Black Americans? However, in retrospect, Blacks have had to endure white supremacy for Centuries.

In the 21st Century, Black Americans, as well as American citizens were aghast, shocked, and in disbelief at the treatment of Floyd by the police.

Tearing down statues, looting, and destroying public property will not “fix” the problem of police brutality toward Blacks. Nineteen died and 14,000+ were arrested in the Floyd riot.

Present-day and historic injustices with Blacks are real; slavery was real; the Ku Klux klan is real and has been around for a very long time. The KKK was formed after the Civil War and has continued throughout the 19th,20th, and 21st Centuries.

It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, yellow, red, or green-skinned, “all lives matter.”

White supremacists’ violence, in general, is again on the rise in America.

Several high profile events have occurred over the including the 2015 Charleston church shooting; the 2017 "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia; the 2018 Pittsburgh synagogue shooting; the 2019 shooting in an El Paso, Texas Walmart and the 2020 George Floyd “I can’t breath” in Minneapolis, Minnesota were all fueled by white supremacy and racism.”

Court TV is covering the George Floyd trial. To see exactly what went down on May 25, 2020, is heartbreaking. The police were incredibly cruel to Floyd!

Mass shootings do not represent individual killings of Black Americans. There have been many Black Americans shot down by the police before Floyd and have continued after Floyd.

Officer Kimberly Potter killed Daunte Wright, a twenty-year-old Black man, claiming it was an accident; ”I was reaching for my taser and accidentally pulled my gun.”

Martin Luther King, a yesteryear hero, died in the name of justice, equality, and freedom. From 1950 to 1968, MLK, a Baptist minister, played a significant role in the American civil rights movement.

Everything Martin Luther King stood and died for was annihilated May 25, 2020, by the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Dr. King, a Baptist minister, and activist accomplished so much in his life, albeit short-lived, all of his protests were peaceful.

In honor of MLK’s work, a memorial was erected in Washington, DC in 1968 called The Stone of Hope.

This action destroyed everything MLK fought for, and accomplished, for all Americans. Dr. King worked long and hard to earn the respect of all Americans.

There is far too much violence in America, all lives matter.

Protesting is your right; however, inciting lawless actions is not and is not protected by the 1st Amendment.

The trial on Derek Chauvin started Monday, March 29, 2021, almost one year ago to the day. This is a trial worth watching on Court TV.

It’s my opinion, either way, guilty or not guilty, the outcome of this trial will have a profound effect on Americans and people worldwide.

Stay tuned and stay involved!

S. Hulihan

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